SDGs In Order
The first-ever sequence for tackling the most important problems in the world.


Experts' Criteria


At the conclusion of the survey, we asked the experts what criterion they considered most important in determining the appropriate order of the options. We then coded their answers along two scales: individual vs. institution, and process vs. urgency.

Figure 1 is the distribution of answers on the individual vs. institution scale. By that we mean: Did the experts report prioritizing the empowering of individuals or the strengthening of institutions? For example, the response "The most important criterion in determining the order of the SDGs should be how to expand the capability set of the least advantaged members of society" was coded individual. By contrast, the response "Extent to which a target focuses on a system and not individual people" was coded institution.


Figure 2 is the distribution of answers on the process vs. urgency scale. By that we mean: Did the experts recommend we take a long, deliberate view or move to address the most pressing challenges. For example, the response "Looked at specific macro issues that would benefit people who could then play a more effective role in society, thus helping with the other goals" was coded process. By contrast, the response "Start with the most basic human needs (food, water), then education and then the natural environment, where government has a strong role to play (including to address negative externalities)" was coded urgency.